Research Interests

We have a deep interest in most biology, but focus on gene regulation and the many areas that are connected with this, including transcriptomics, epigenetics and technological and informatics aspects.

The group is both computational and experimental.

We ask biological questions to large datasets made using novel genomics techniques, with the help of computers. One of the strengths in the group are the many connections to high-profile experimental laboratories which supply data to be analyzed.

These review papers are good summaries of past achievements and interests:

Genomic and chromatin signals underlying transcription start-site selection. Valen and Sandelin, Trends in Genetics 2011

Mammalian RNA polymerase II core promoters: insights from genome-wide studies. Sandelin et al, Nature Reviews Genetics 2007

Applied bioinformatics for the identification of regulatory elements Wasserman and Sandelin Nature Reviews Genetics 2004

Experimental and Computational Transcriptomics

at the Bioinformatics Centre, Copenhagen University

Sandelin Group


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