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Jens Vilstrup Johansen
Staff Bioinformatician

          University of Copenhagen
          Ole Maaloeesvej 5
          2200 Copenhagen

   Phone: +45 3532 1283
  Office: 1-3-20
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I got a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from DTU and a Master's Degree in Bioinformatics from the Bioinformatics Centre, KU.
I'm currently a staff scientist in the bioinformatics core facility at BRIC, KU, where i provide assistance in bioinformatics for the research groups in BRIC.
As you can see from my research interest below, I have been involved in analysing very different data types for different groups - directing my work towards more applied bioinformatics.

Research interests

The main focus of my work is listed below:

Curriculum Vitae

PDF-version here


Applied Bioinformatics. Spring 2007
Bioinformatics of high throughput analyses. Spring 2008-2010
Galaxy workshops 2013-2019


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